Thanks. now the Hotel Pratschli reference makes me wonder who you are. No sleep 
until I know.



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Lovely naughty anthrax  how you can do that to  our beloved host Ricky -just 
now when he is getting somehow so closer  in breathing distance to his Divine 
Mother bridging the gap to the bat , so to speak, with the help of bat-girl gap 
breathing Connie Huebner (related to Peter the Great?!)

Shut down shift-happen-plugging-connection -to transcendence -batgap in 
disgrace? Can't allow this to happen- have to make  a `Rashta Cavach'

defense shield by chanting


In fond memories of  your ear plugging-francy-to transcendence in the basement  
at the Hotel Praetschli in  Arosa, Switzerland in 1974and me petal dropping 
higher above,- dear Rick , let me help me and you  with some wild guess--so 
hold your breath: 
How about :
You have to be pretty rowdy and intoxicated to be asked to leave a bar. Or you 
just have to be a bear.
1.Asking to leave mode:
In Juneau, Alaska on Monday night a black bear walked into the downtown Alaskan 
Hotel & Bar. The bartender's response? Ask it to leave of course.

The hotel's bartender Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy saw the bear, appropriately 
responded with a minor freakout and yelled, "No bear! Get out! No! You can't be 
in here!"
Unlike raucous frat boys, the bear politely responded by turning around and 
 (you can watch the video of it doing so) or see Judy's link

My link suggestion:
Bar hopping bear:
2, The intoxicated mode:A widespread viral bear -drug- joke goes like this:
A bear walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The bartender replies, "Sorry,
we don't serve no beer to no bears in this bar. The bear asks again and is
again told, "We don't serve no beer to no bears in this bar." The bear then
says, "See that lady at the end of the bar. If you don't sell me a beer I'm
going to eat her." The bartender again replies, "We don't serve no beer to 
nobears in this bar." The bear eats the lady comes back to the other end of the 
bar and says, " Now will you sell me a beer?" The bartender responds, "We don't 
serve no beer to no bears in this bar, especially no bears on drugs."
Indignantly, the bear says, "What do you mean on drugs?" The bartender
answers, "Well, that was a Bar Bitch You Ate!"

In bat-gap-combination  of 1 and 2  and the news on YouTube it could makes the 
bear-beer-bear-drugged-leave joke, i guess.
Hope i saved your Batgap -plugging - connection-again-performance for 

and it makes you laugh...

BTW getting headache from reading?---take C. H. 's advise

--NOW  You may take a breath again---ddeeeeeep

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 This is your koan Rick. If you don't get it, you will have to shut down batgap 
in disgrace.

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Archer wrote:

I still don’t get it. Please explain.


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 That's a good one.  It took me a while to get it.

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A bear walks into a bar.

The bartender yells "Get out - no bears!"

So, the bear leaves.

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