Beautiful, beautiful.  I wonder how that will play in Peoria, or wherever.  And 
if she doesn't, she doesn't, then Judy has a new addition to her list.

That's how it works folks.  Illustrated beautifully here.

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Steve whined:

This is Judy's specialty - her x-ray vision at work.  She had the unique 
ability to discern Curtis' true motives in all instances, and now with Share.

Share's "true motives" have been evident to halfway-perceptive people for a 
long time, actually. Unfortunately that doesn't include Share (or Steve, for 
that matter). It isn't Seraphita's fault that she hasn't seen the full picture 
yet;she hasn't been here as a regular for long enough.  

Nothing new here.  Keep moving along folks.  

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Ann wrote to Seraphita:

Keep posting away Share. I, for one, enjoy your input. I can't understand why 
you get so much negative and vulgar feedback from other FFLifers. If someone 
disagrees with you by all means let him point out your errors, but the vitriol 
seems overdone. 

You'll figure it out sooner rather than later, especially if you are female as 
I suspect you are. And you're smart so it won't take long. It may seem strange 
and unwarranted but you'd have to do some research over the last year to really 
'get' it. 'Nuff said.

Thank you. I was mentally composing the same post, but you beat me to it.

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