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> turq, what I love about this clip is seeing so much *soul* in Emmylou
and Willie, 2 very successful entertainers. I bet lots of entertainers
have lots of soul, but maybe many of them sort of hide that, thinking
they have to do so in order to be successful. It's a treat for me to see
2 who do not hide their soul. If that's what it means to be an outlaw,
then power to the renegades I say!

Agreed. With Emmylou, she's always been a total *individual*,
from the moment she was first discovered by her mentor Gram
Parsons. She's one of those women who "went gray" early (in
her very early 30s), and I always liked that she not only didn't try
to hide it, she celebrated it by "going gray" entirely, and very
fashionably. On the other hand, I wish she hadn't gone the
Botox route with her face, because although it still looks young,
when she speaks you can see that it's partly "frozen in place."

With Willie, what can one say? He's never tried to hide what
he is or his occasional bad habits (marijuana, tax evasion), or
the fact that he's a crusty old bastard and proud of it. He just
is what he is, and makes no apologies for it.

If you call that "soul," no problem. I call it "character."

In this day and age, with the government knowing pretty much
everything about all of our lives, reading our emails, and listen-
ing in to all of our phone calls, there is no way *to* successfully
hide who you are. The only defense against such a world is *to
be in public exactly who you are in private, and Not Give A Shit*.

Doing that gives you freedom. It also IMO gives you character.

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> > that's excellent tho I prefer the Willie Nelson version
> Willie actually got the song from Emmylou, not from Townes
> Van Zandt directly, and then recorded it in a very popular
> version with Merle Haggard. He tells the story of that discovery
> (and performs the song with Emmylou) here. Their version was
> excellent, partly because both Willie and Merle are such
> outlaws themselves.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uIUe8iQPM0Â
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> > It was probably the use of Marty Robbins' "El Paso" in the final
episode of "Breaking Bad" that got me thinking about it, but ever since
I've been on kind of a music kick, finding and listening to classic
outlaw songs. "El Paso" is obviously one of the greats in that category,
but it's another old outlaw song that's stuck in my head tonight, and
it's even brought back some pleasant memories about my time in the TM
movement, so I'll share them with you.
> >
> > Back in early 1977, when I first heard the song, I was living at the
TM National Headquarters at the end of Sunset Blvd. I was working there
as personnel director for a few months before my Sidhis course, and
lived on the premises in one of the rooms (it was formerly a motel, for
those of you who never went there). It was a cool place to live -- a
block from the beach, next door to the Yogananda Lake Shrine -- and even
though I was making shit money I was earning precious (at the time)
course credits, so I made the best of living there.
> >
> > It was there I first heard Emmylou Harris' version of a great Townes
Van Sandt outlaw song called "Pancho and Lefty." I remember listening to
it one night with my girlfriend, who I had had to sneak into my room,
the both of us feeling very much like outlaws ourselves for having  sex
there in the TM National Headquarters.  :-)
> >
> > Anyway, it's a great song, and listening to it again in a Paris cafe
-- all these years later -- I still love it. I also love -- all these
years later -- still feeling like an outlaw.
> >
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3LQeRqTBK4Â
> >

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