Judy, I don't think the views of Xeno or turq or noozguru spring from the same 
prejudice towards me as yours do and therefore they are not similar at all. 
Except that you've parroted them.

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Actually I haven't "parroted" anything they've said to you. Sorry, but what I 
wrote happens to be my own thoughts about you. But it's certainly interesting 
that all three of us have similar views, isn't it? Especially since we don't 
agree on much of anything else?

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Judy, your parroting some of what Xeno and turq have said to me does not make 
your observations or suggestions more valid to me. IMO they are coming from a 
more neutral place with regards to me.

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You obviously had time to write a detailed response to the post of Seraphita's 
you say you just "skimmed" because you were "rushing," Share, so that claim 
doesn't hold much water.

As to your having "more stuff" than others, it's what compels you to spew umpty 
posts with almost no content, including your pandering posts and your feeble 
attempts at "gotcha" posts, as well as your inability to take responsibility 
for your behavior.

Suggestion: If you must read FFL before you bop off to the domes (hardly, I 
should think, a good preparation for settling down to experience silence), save 
your responses for when you get back and are no longer in a rush, so you have 
time to put some thought into them (and read what you're responding to with 
sustained attention).

That's a good prescription for whatever the time of day is, BTW. You really do 
not need to post every stray thought that enters your mind. In fact, you'll get 
more of the attention and approval you so crave, and less of the criticism you 
so fear, if you make fewer, better posts.

Also, most of us don't feel the need to proffer extravagant thanks for every 
post we appreciate, nor do the folks who make such posts expect it. Save the 
accolades for the really good ones, maybe the best one of the day after you've 
read them all. Then perhaps your appreciation will count for something.

There are many other ways you could mitigate the negative effects on FFL of 
your excess of "stuff," but the above will do for now.

Judy, I can live with your not believing me about anything. And I see you're 
still trying to poison the well with your comment about respecting Seraphita's 
posts. I skim because I'm rushing in the morning. And so what if I have more 
stuff than others? So what?


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