Soothsayers in the ancient world also got a bad reputation. In their case they 
encountered the superstition(?) that someone predicting a bad event was perhaps 
setting in motion a magical current that would actually trigger the disaster. 
Maybe sometimes it's a good idea to shoot the messenger! 

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 The assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 and of her son Rajiv in 1991 is 
said to have been foreseen by astrologers all over India. Almost all agreed 
that Mrs. Gandhi should have taken better care of herself that November!
 Some would-be assassins might have been prompted by these predictions, and 
subsequent to Mrs. Gandhi's death, a law was passed in India making it a crime 
to predict any more assassinations. 
 The act states that action will be taken against anyone who 'predicts, 
prophesies, or pronounces or otherwise expresses in such a manner as to incite, 
advise, suggest, or prompt the killing or the destruction of any person bound 
by oath under the constitution'. 
 The idea being that if any potential assassin read the prediction, he would be 
more likely to carry it out. 
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   On a Finnish astrology forum, "Yep" claimed Amma having said years ago that
 she (Amma) shall die knifed by a former follower...

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