Nicely put. It reminds me of something I wanted to say about awoelflebater's 
post on another thread ("power naps"): "Now, these long-term, incessant 
meditators obviously have absolutely nothing else pressing in their lives to 
compel them to want to stand up and open their eyes.": 
 We understand what you're saying but it is a common belief in all 
contemplative traditions that communities joined together practising silent 
prayer (eg, monks and nuns) have a beneficial effect on the world even though 
to practical, common-sense types they seem to be a waste of space. Indeed, even 
the very recollection that there are men and women who forsake the feverish 
ambitions of the mass of people induces a feeling of calm!


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  [Pietist, belief in the power of individual meditation [Quietism] on the 
divine [Unified Field] – a direct, individual approach to the ultimate 
spiritual reality of the [Unified Field] – ]




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