To Reflect...

  Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

  "preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season" (2
  Timothy 4:2).

  During a terrible storm, young Charles Spurgeon
  took refuge in a Methodist Chapel. The sermon was preached by a deacon with 
little instruction who frequently repeated some common phrases. However, 
Spurgion, there and then, opened his heart to Jesus, 
later to become one of the best-known preachers
 of all times.

  How many people do we meet along the way, every day, in all places, in 
different situations? What value to we give them? Do we treat them with 
indifference that we judge to be normal, or do we take the
opportunity to talk to them about salvation in
Jesus, of forgiveness of sins and eternal life?
  How many annointed preachers might be within our reach without our knowing it?

  Sometimes we forget that the Lord called us to be His disciples, proclaimers 
of the Good News, witnesses to the transformation that only He can operate in 
the life of men. Many times we ignore the possibility
that God caused such people to pass thro
ugh our lives, so we would share with them the joy that one day we found when 
we opened our hearts to the Saviour. It is time to begin living the Christian 
life that the Lord expects us to live, putting 
aside the inertia so common in Christians today.

  If we do not know how to preach the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will give life to 
our words. If we feel weak and impotent before the world, the Lord will be our 
strength. If what we say seems of no importance
to our hearers, let us be persistent, someth
ing will happen and the name of the Lord will be lifted up and glorified.

  There are people, like Spurgeon, needing God. There are people, still 
unknown, that God wants to use powerfully. There are people, like us, who 
should do their part, sowing the Word with passion and
determination, so that many can know the Truth and
 be blessed with salvation and eternal life with God.

  Do not lose any opportunities. Let the Lord shine in your life.

Paulo Barbosa
A blind in Internet

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