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 > > Iranitea wrote:
 > > 
 > > > Ann wrote:
 > > > Of course Barry claims I'm a Mean Girl which I take 
 > > > as a personal badge of honour coming from him.
 > > 
 > > You should do so, it certainly is. Actually it's just 
 > > satirizing a certain type of piling on behavior. No 
 > > need to take it absolutely serious. 
 > Especially since Barry himself does far more "piling 
 > on" than anyone else here.
 Barry has not mentioned or interacted with either
 of these bitches in quite some time, certainly not
 during the last week. Thus this attempt to "get" 
 him and revive their long-held grudges against him
 is completely gratuitous and out of the blue. 
 Ann started it, and then Judy piled on. End of story. 
 WHAT on earth do you think makes them act like this? 
 Is it that both of their lives are so devoid of 
 anything interesting that they have to *start* 
 arguments and disagreements just to get some action?
 Or are they *addicted* to "getting" their chosen
 "enemies," much less having "enemies" in the first 
 Pretty sad, if you ask me, especially coming from
 those who claim that the term "grudge-holders" 
 doesn't apply to them. What else could one ascribe
 this attempt to restart their petty flame wars 
 when they'd died down *TO* other than holding a 
 grudge, addiction to conflict, or...uh...just
 being a bitch? :-) :-) :-)
 I now retire from the petty "wars" that are going
 on only inside their otherwise-empty heads, and
 allow them to "fight" them all by themselves...

 You are such a funny one Barry, a real freak of nature. So, in your statement 
regarding your retirement "from the petty "wars"" you engage and incite a petty 
war. I wasn't even talking to you as I was having a perfectly pleasant 
conversation with Tea and we were joking about MGs. You're the only one who 
takes this mean girl thing seriously (and that's only because you'll never rate 
as a member of our friendly little group, although certain men are allowed as 
honorary members).

 I can only chalk up this latest screed of yours to disgruntlement at our 
current lack of interest in you and all that you do (except when you make 
stupid, boorish posts). It is like your cry in the darkness of a small child, 
"What about me? Why aren't you talking to me? Do I have to say something really 
false and irrelevant (have a tantrum) to get anyone's attention around here?" 
Well, I guess maybe you do because here I am talkin' to you again but only 
because you are so freaking weird. Do you realize that this post of yours had 
no relevance to anything?

 Now be a good boy and go practice your usual voyeuristic tendencies and 
examine some French mother climbing into a low slung Citroen but keep your eyes 
off her short skirt and don't let her children notice you're watching - they 
might call the gendarme and have the silly old American fuck hauled off to jail 
- and I'm pretty sure they don't have WiFi or serve lattes there.

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