Emily, I wrote my response before I'd seen yours, BTW. You are right on target, 
as usual. Thank you.

 Emily wrote:

 > My guess Share, is that she is trying to help you see yourself and asking 
 > you to employ a
 > more complete thought process around your presentation here on FFL.  You are 
 > all reaction,
 > my dear.  I empathize and I sympathize.  P.S.  Doesn't "authfriend" mean 
 > "authentic friend?" 

 "Authfriend" is short for "Author's Friend," which is what I called my 
editorial services business when I lived in NYC. I gave it a different name 
when I moved to New Jersey that refers to the part of town I'm living in, but I 
didn't change my Yahoo ID since many folks on FFL know me as "authfriend."

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