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 but Judy, to me turq sounded quite happy. Anyway, I'm glad everyone is feeling 
good today. Happy Thanksgiving, if you're Canadian. Happy Victory Day if you're 
Hindu (-:

'Everyone'? On this Day of Infinite Defeat and Morosity, one traditionally 
must, even at the expense of straining, maintain a mood of deep gloom and 
despair. The universe must remain in balance, and having a bunch happy-face 
moodmakers disrupts that tranquillity. Try to cultivate a feeling of hollow 
meaninglessness with hints of suicide by virtue of boredom and worthlessness. 

 (And Turq, if reading this, sorry to hear you may be feeling really well, try 
reading one of those recent posts by those psychics that can always determine 
exactly what you are feeling and what your motivations are, and perhaps any 
sense of well being will evaporate.)


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