If the US collapses then there is no Constitution nor 14th Amendment. No copyright laws either.

BTW, "Ecotopia" is the name of a 1970s book. It is about a high school student who accidentally develops a high kilowatt solar panel and has energy company goons trying to steal it and assassinate here.

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Ecotopia has a ring to it. But I don't believe the 14th Amendment to the Constitution can allow any states from seceding from the Union.

It appears that our politicians are blinded by their own ideologies. But time is running out. The solution is really very simple. They're just too blind to see.

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Probably the best thing to happen is for the US to collapse into one big dung heap. It's old and broken down. It's suffering a bad hangover from an artificial boom made to steal property from the middle class. It should break up into several countries with California combined with western Washington and Oregon one of them. We don't get the money we pay to the feds back anyway. The Red states are getting our money. Watching Jerry Brown he seems to be gearing up to the first Prime Minister of Ecotopia.

And..... we're getting Willy moving here!

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This article shows the complicated way for this to happen. But it appears that it's going to take a long time for the process to be completed. In the meantime, the federal government would default on its obligations and the economy would collapse.

IMO, the best way to solve this crisis is to toss a coin. Head means pass a CR and raise the debt ceiling for one year, with Obamacare. Tail means pass a CR and reaise the debt ceiling for one year, without Obamacare.


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