Dear MJ; Yes, working people back in that day of $3.35 an hour wages got a 
great deal then. However it is true the conservative meditator I here speak for 
feels deeply that people are not paying anywhere close to enough to learn TM at 
$1,500. And, the slacker kids living at home with their parents neither too. 
The TM movement could squeeze at least another thousand out of the new people 
coming to our Peace Palaces. It is extremely important to have commitment from 
new people as they start or you end up like some of the quitters we see here.

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 so you are saying the folks who paid 35 to about 65 bucks in the 60's and 70's 
and still do TM don't appreciate what they got???
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 Om the middle-class, they spend money on the stupidest
 things like
 new smartphones or new F-150 pickup trucks when they
 don't need them.
 Harley Davidson motorcycles. Jeezus have you looked at the
 price of
 Harley Davidson motorcycles and noticed how many
 middle-agers are going down the road on them dressing and
 trying to
 look like the lower working classes they are not? What a
 wealthy bunch of
 spiritually ill-disciplined narcissistic people.-Buck 
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 know, If people don't pay a lot of money to learn TM
 they most
 certainly will not appreciate it. 
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 for learning TM? 
 <> wrote:
 31 percent. Utilities on average? Groceries? 
 Transportation. Payroll taxes about 30 percent, medical,
 clothing, raising kids.  
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  Trulia ran these numbers based on the
 assumption that a family shouldn't spend more than 31
 percent of its pre-tax income on housing (and that it must
 pay local property taxes and insurance). This data also
 assumes that a family makes a 20 percent down payment on a
 home – a daunting feat even on a six-figure income in
 somewhere like Los Angeles or New York. 
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 Richard, look how similar FF and San Antonio are:
 On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:13 AM,
 Share Long <sharelong60@...> wrote:
 Richard, using Sperling's to compare San
 Antonio, TX to Brewster, NY
 On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:33 AM,
 Richard Williams <punditster@...> wrote:
 An old couple I know down in San
 Antonio live in the family home that they inherited from his
 auntie. The guy says he pays about $100 per month in
 property taxes. Sounds like pretty cheap rent for a 1200 sq
 ft place on the south side of town. A lot of his property
 taxes go to local public schools. And, he doesn't even
 have any children! Go figure.
 "According to what
 I've read, a family shouldn't spend more than 31
 percent of its pre-tax income on housing." Using those
 calculations, these 10 metros are the least
 'Places Where The
 Middle Class Can’t Afford To Live

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