The point is that TM is rather a "has been." Back in the 1970s it was novel because westerners didn't know much about yoga and meditation. Since then there has been a explosion in that knowledge and a "shake out" as to what is relevant and what isn't.

Take a look around and you'll mainly find organizations teaching meditation over the weekend in a few short sessions prices ranging from free to $120 (very typical) to $400 (more extras). Not all of them are even saying people "must" practice meditation every day either. Actually once you get CC then then consciousness will keep developing without meditation though the latter might speed things up a bit.

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*Dear Turq,*

*## Son, you got to know the audience reading this. There ain't nothing delusional about what I write. *

*Have you looked at lately?*

*You are just so damned ignorant and out of it. You are so removed from reality here*

*your conjuring this megalomania tripe against TM just won't stick. *

*It is not even close to the mark of what is going on here.*

*But, I always do like what you write even if it is counter-revolutionary.*

*It evidently most always sharpens and makes people think*

*and adds to the great theatre of the great battle for perception going on. *

*In revolution,*


---In, <> wrote:

*Well, we won't put Turqb up for no medal of honor citation now for running away, *

*but I'd be first to give him a special award for coming back to meditation with us.*

*I'd even give him a peck on the check like those Parisians he is so fond of do in the movies. *


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Yeah, you really told off old Buck and made him look really stupid. Good work! You managed to send a message on company time at work. Very impressive! Now, about that Rama levitation event...

        On 10/16/2013 10:30 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:

--- In <>, wrote:
> Look, in this the new millennium, the TM movement Boards
> of Trustees and Councils are going to have to rise up and
> actively look-out for the movement business, the Knowledge,
> and even look out for Nader Ram as Maha administrator
> sovereign of TM too. They may have to change their thinking.

For those who thought my citation of was too
strong, try to "step back" from all your decades of
programming and look at the above.

Buck seems to believe that we're now in a "new
millennium," clearly due to the influence of a few
butt-bouncers in a small town in the backwaters of
Iowa. He further seems to believe that the made-up
titles and positions of "Trustee" or "Council" actually
*mean* something. He feels so strongly that the view
of life and the world propounded by these made-up
organizations is so important as to be capitalized as

He then goes on to call a guy whose real name is
Tony Nader by another made-up name ("Nader Ram")
and suggests another made-up title and position for
him, " Maha administrator sovereign of TM."

Try, just for a moment, to look at all of this without
all the decades of TM conditioning. If you encountered
someone on the street talking like this, wouldn't you
consider them a candidate for megalomania?

Just sayin'...

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