A guy who, through the simple force of his personality, could free a whole sub-continent from the rule of the British Empire, is very impressive indeed, even if he wore a bed sheet and slept with girls. I guess it's all a matter of what is right and what is wrong, not about the clothes you wear or if you sleep alone or not. Go figure.

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"Thrill of the chaste" - excellent title! Thanks for the link.

Yes, Gandhi has always been one of my pet peeves. Never been too keen on Mother Teresa either.

The thing about Gandhi for me is that, on the one hand, he presented himself as a naked sadhu - ie, someone who had *renounced* the world - and yet he was also a political figure - ie someone who was very much *engaged* with the world (and in a dangerously naive way to boot). The unthinking veneration in which he is held baffles me.

And - no doubt because I'm English - I find the whole sexual hypocrisy aspect drives me up the wall!

Maybe Penn & Teller were a bit harsh on the Dalai Lama though. He is also a legitimate political leader and it's hard to keep squeaky clean in the world of realpolitik.

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I had to come out of lurkdom to thank you for this beautiful video dear Seraphita. I have long railed against Gandhi, Teresa and Dolly Lama and I totally enjoyed this video, it is a good summary of these three pseudo-spiritual icons.

That Gandhi was sexually perverted and slept with girls was a well known fact to me in India and my generation had no fascination for Gandhi. So I was quite baffled by the adoration of Gandhi by liberals and I know I pissed off quite a few with my statements on Gandhi. I recently had a chance to read this article on the Independent - enjoy.



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        Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama get the Penn
        and Teller treatment in this hilarious and foul-mouthed rant.


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