I like horror films, but this one seems a bit tame. My favourite Halloween 
movie is probably 'Pumpkinhead' (1988) which is currently streaming on Netflix. 
There is a certain spin on the concept of 'as you sow, so shall you reap' in 
this film. It had a budget of US$3.5 million.

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 'tis the season for horror films and they are often a bit rare from the 
 land of the Ved. But Netflix does have the Bollywood hit "Raaz 3" and 
 in striking 1080p SuperHD and Dolby Digital Plus, that is if you have 
 the gear for it. "Raaz 3" is a film about an Bollywood actress who 
 feels deprived at winning an award at their yearly version of the 
 "Oscars" so she uses black magic to get back at her competitor. The 
 "tantric" part is not the black magic as a tantric is called in to save 
 the actress she put a spell on.
 Of course you need an acquired taste for Bollywood movies and their 
 length. This one is 139 minutes long. Some kitch dancing around trees 
 or dancing on the movie set. I got into these a decade ago to help 
 learn Hindi (yes there subtitles). The picture quality was near Blu-ray 
 with SuperHD and I also added a new Yamaha AV Receiver which handles DD+ 
 and my speakers have never sounded so good.
 Rated not for Turq and Buck may not like the kissing.

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