Re noozguru/jr_esq: neither ayurveda nor astrology seem amenable to scientific evaluation.
Don't know much about ayurveda?  It's just biochemistry.

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All of us are born with holes in our skulls. For most of us the hole space is sealed up by growing tissue by our first birthday. For some, however, the holes are never permanently sealed and so they are naturally "treppaned."

A medieval burial ground was recently investigated and researchers discovered something very intriguing. Almost all the remains of lower-caste people (peasants, labourers, etc) had normal skulls; almost all the skulls of the high caste (magistrates, church dignitaries, etc) had unsealed holes in their skulls. The link between high achievers and trepanation (naturally occurring in this case) is worth following up. I wonder if someone could investigate if high achievers today show a similar bias towards the "holes". Shouldn't be too difficult to find out.

The hole in the head thing isn't just for psychedelic druggies who want to stay "high" permanently but could be a way of enhancing creativity. As holes can be re-sealed later I wonder if an experiment involving volunteers and a control group might be feasible.

Re noozguru/jr_esq: neither ayurveda nor astrology seem amenable to scientific evaluation.

By the way, Countess Amanda Feilding I mention (the one who wanted free trepanning operations for everyone in the UK) actually performed her own trepanation on herself with a power drill! There's footage in the DVD.

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There's no need for this operation. Why? Because there is already a subtle and astrological connection between the top of the head to the star Polaris, the source of cosmic manifestation here on earth.

Please, see my earlier post regarding Prisca Theologia for details of the lecture by Santos Bonacci regarding syncretism.

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Seems a bit extreme. You can manipulate the metabolism to increase blood flow to the brain. That's something that ayurveda is good at.

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A Hole in the Head is an hour-long documentary about trepanation - the process of boring a hole in the skull. It examines the development of modern trepanation as used by people in the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands for the purpose of attaining a higher level of consciousness.

This procedure, used by the ancient Egyptians, Incas, and others, is believed by the voluntarily trepanned to allow for renewed brain pulsations that increase brain blood volume and thereby improve brain function. Interviews regarding the history and efficacy of the procedure are also held with some of the world's most respected neurosurgeons and anthropologists.

There's an appearance by Countess Amanda Feilding. Twice Amanda stood for Parliament in Chelsea, London, as an independent on a manifesto with a singular topic - trepanning for free to everyone on the National Health Service! In 1979 she polled 40 votes, and in 1983 she managed 139.

John Lennon tried (unsuccessfully) to persuade the other Beatles to undergo the procedure. If he'd succeeded maybe all those who followed the Fab Four from LSD to TM would now be treppaned! Ye gods! How boring and conformist modern society seems in comparison to those heady sixties.

Does the procedure do what it is claimed? How about some enterprising FFLifers volunteering to undergo the operation and then reporting back to the forum on the benefits?

I've seen the film and one of the sadder interviewees is a young woman who, following an accident, had a hole in her skull. She was very chirpy and upbeat when first seen. Her doctors advised her to have the hole sealed with surgery. An interview at the end of the film shows her after the operation and she is strikingly depressed!

Is trepanation a fast-track to enlightenment?

A newspaper article about the countess is here:

The trailer for the DVD is here:

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