The problem with many pills is that they have harmful side effects. What is 
even more alarming in some ways, is that people have come to accept harmful 
side effects as par for the course. In addition, obviously there are some 
procedures, such as are found in physical and occupational therapy that could 
never be replaced by a pill. Unless Big Pharma comes to insist on it!

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The trend in which medical science has advanced such that an ailment can be 
cured with a pill rather than an expensive procedure? Sounds good to me. 

Mike wrote:
> Only time will tell. Remember, Obama said there comes a time when we'll just 
> have to
> give somebody a *pill* instead of that expensive procedure. I would say 
> that's moving
> in that direction. Just follow the trend.

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Paranoid much? 

Mike wrote:

> It's meant to be a flop. This is just a transitional stage to a single payer 
> health care
>> system. Think *incremental-ism*. We're heading towards *equality for all*. 
>> We'll all
>> have a share in mediocrity, which will constantly be defined down. If I 
>> can't have
>> what you have, I'll make sure you can't have it either. We're not evolving, 
>> we're
>> devolving, just like the Soviet Union did. Soon, government will dictate the 
>> *ideal* life
>> span. If your genes take you beyond that, then that's not fair and 
>> government will
>> have to remedy that.If your genes fail to get you to that ideal point then 
>> you'll get
>> extra help to get you there, at other's expense. Now that's fair, isn't it? 

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