Attagirl. FWIW, if you haven't had a shot in a while (years), my experience
 has been that they've gotten much better at it. Not necessarily every last
 shot-giver, but I'm frequently amazed at how almost imperceptible it is.
 Thinner needles these days, maybe. (I know it's at least partly the idea
 of the shot for many people; I'm fortunate that it doesn't happen to bother
 me unless it actually hurts.)

 emilymaenot wrote:
 > Yes, I always forget that.  Maybe next year I'll be less self-centered and 
 > will have gotten over my fear of
 > needles. :)   

I wrote:
 But always remember that when you get a flu shot, it's not just
 to protect yourself, it's to protect others as well:

emilymaenot wrote:
Nothing.  Get one if you like, from an accredited place.  I worked for a 
company once that offered us all the flu shot (many years ago when it was 
*really in vogue* to get one), and I was one of the employees that took them up 
on it.  Came to find out,  that the guy was a huckster and that was his 
Christmas con.  He was featured in the paper and on the news and that is how us 
employees found out.  I never did find out what he shot us up with, but it must 
have been safe.  I haven't had a flu shot since :).  

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  So, what is wrong with getting flu shots?

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