Friends, Never have the nations of the world had so much to lose or so much to 
gain. Together we shall save our planet or together we shall perish is its 
flames. Save it we can and save it we must and then shall we earn the eternal 
thanks of human kind and as peace makers the eternal blessing of the Unified 
  Only a few generations have been granted the role of defending Freedom and 
promoting Spirituality as we do today in places like [meditating] Fairfield, I 
do not shrink from this responsibility I welcome it in every meditation,
 -Buck in the Dome  

 Meditators, citizens in strength and sacrifice “Ask not what your world can do 
for you, ask what you can do for your world”.
 The doors for group meditation in the Domes are open at 7am and 4pm everyday.
 Numbers and proximity matter.
 It is time.
 Come join in 
 Come on In.
 Come Be with us.
 Thank you
 for your service,
 -Buck in the Dome 



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 Moral and courageous,
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