He said OM was a mantra for recluses, I believe. It's in Beacon Light of
 the Himalayas.
Buck wrote:
 So[m],  what was Maharishi's particular teaching on "Om"?  His was counter to 
everything "Om", wasn't it.  He did not use "Om" in any of the mantras he gave. 
 Succinctly, what was that?  What is unique about his Vedic studies around 
"Om"?  I got a dressing down recently about how Maharishi saved India around 
the understanding of  "Om".  What did he say that "Om" "aum" was so bad that 
puts him opposed to "Om"?   While at the same time Brahmananda Saraswati [Guru 
Dev] it seems was very in favor of "Om" spiritually.  See Guru Dev's 
discourses.   Who do you believe?  What is your experience with "Om"?  I find 
it the vibration of the giant electro-magnet of nature turning over in the 
center of the Earth and unified sound of all of Nature and great to attune to 
as such to spin and line up the chakras of the subtle system .  It seems the 
energetic pre-condition that all the nervous systems on earth have evolved 
with.  It runs deep as a vibration (when people sit up) in the Dome as a 
vortex.   Maharishi seems to have put the wammy of fear in to "Om" for the TM 
spiritual community.  Does that explain something about the TM community?  What 
is your experience with it and what was really said about it?  Just wondering, 

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 (Not to be taken all too seriously...) 

 Just as 'om' may be "embedded" in the word 'soma',
 so in the tanakh (Hebrew Bible =~ Old Testament)
 it may be embedded in the word 'yom' (day) that appears
 several times in the first verses of bereshit (Genesis)...



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