This is stuff Lenz said, right? 
Barry wrote:

 Some of the folks here have "been around the block" a few times in terms of 
various spiritual teachers and teachings. As opposed to those who've always 
been too Maharishi-whipped to try anything other than fully-sanctioned OTP TM. 
So whichever of these groups you fall into, have any of you ever heard teachers 
or seminar leaders say things like the following:
 I am com­pletely con­scious about every­thing I teach. It's han­dled. I am 
com­ing from a higher / enlight­ened state of being or consciousness. Nobody 
has told me I am full of crap … in a very, long time. And if they did, they 
have left. I have cre­ated and main­tained a com­mu­nity (cul­ture / game) that 
very effi­ciently *cor­rects* any dis­senters of the model that I have laid out 
[declared]. No mat­ter who comes into the com­mu­nity of prac­ti­tion­ers, key 
real-world bench­marks con­tinue to be elusive. I am an irre­place­able 
well­spring of wis­dom; pay atten­tion to every­thing I say / do.If you have, 
this article (posted to another forum I read today, and which I take no stand 
on...I'm just passing it along for comment here) suggests that you might have 
run into someone who is projecting his or her "shadow side" into his or her 

You decide. I'm just forwarding the link: 

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