I am on FFL and I do have doubts that turq is a poseur. Just to answer Judy's 
assertion that not anyone on FFL doubts that he has membership in that category.

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Barry wrote:
> Barry wrote: 
>>  > Thank you, merudanda. Made my day. 
>> > 
>> > Robert just nails it. Those who have never been able to 
>> > create anything in their lives look at the old writer 
>>  > and see nothing but a poseur. Robert sees holiness. 
>>  There are old writers and old writers. Only some of them 
>> are holy; the rest are poseurs. 
>>  It was easier than I thought it would be to get you to put 
>> on a very convincing demonstration of your membership 
>> in the latter category. (Not that anyone on FFL was in doubt.) 
>> Because I'm in a jolly mood today, I'll reply to this for the 
> fun of it.

Says Barry, continuing his poseur demonstration.

> Did anyone watch the TED talk I posted a link to recently? 
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/361507 
> It's really worth your 18 minutes, if you didn't. It is about 
> memories, and how they can be "edited," both by ourselves, 
> and by others. 
> Isn't that Judy's Whole Act -- trying to "edit memories?"

Actually, no, no more than anyone else expressing their opinion.
Barry's doing the same thing in this post. He really thinks readers
here are saps, doesn't he?

> I just wrote a bunch of shit today because I felt happy and 
> felt like writing. If any of you enjoyed the posts I made, and 
> one or more of them lifted your spirits, that's just gravy.
> But Judy doesn't want you to remember them as lifting your 
> spirits. She wants you to remember the way SHE sees them, 
> as a response to HER, and as worthy only of what SHE gives 
> them, scorn and derision.

Barry's getting very, VERY confused as to which posts of his I
commented on, and why. HINT: It wasn't any of the posts he
refers to above.

Remember now which ones they were, Barry?

Barry edits his own memories such that he doesn't
remember that virtually everything he criticizes others
for doing is stuff that he himself does routinely.

> By now some of you must have figured out the formula. 
> - First, pretend to be the "authority" in matters such as this,
> whatever "this" may be this time. 
> - Second, pretend to "know" what the person you're ragging 
> on was thinking and feeling as they wrote whatever she's 
> ragging on.  
> - Third, pretend that everyone already agrees with you. 
> Do this enough times, and science tells us that some of the 
> weak-willed ones *will* agree with you.

Yup, that's what Barry's hoping when he does what he
attributes to me above. He doesn't just accuse his critics
of doing things he has done, he accuses them of doing
what he's doing as he makes his accusations. It's really
quite remarkable. When he goes on one of these rants,
he is actually describing himself and just changing the
names and pronouns. And he doesn't realize it.

That's how little self-knowledge he has.

The three items he lists above are not only the formula
he uses, they're the formula he's using to tell you what
my purported formula is.

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