I can't decide if Barry or WIllyTex hold the FFL record for being the most 
reviled in FFL history.
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] RE: Om &quot;embedded&quot; in the tanakh?
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 Date: Monday, October 28, 2013, 2:10 PM
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 uh, Barry, you should know
 that some ten year old kid, just posted to FFL, while you
 were in the men's room... 
 Post of the moment. I love
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 > "So, let's sum up what we know ... "
 >  This is the sure sign of a scammer.
  And trying to argue with him about what
 follows is a
 sure sign that you've been scammed.
 Willytex *succeeded* in poking your ego until it reacted,
 and you had to dive in to "prove" that you
 "know" more
 than he does.
 Trolls exist because egos do. That's what argument
 like Willytex and Judy feed on. They don't care about
 really "wins" any of the arguments they start,
 they'll "declare victory" in all of them. All
 they care about
 is suckering someone's ego into reacting so that the
 arguments happen, and thus the "declarations of
 victory" can happen.
 If you react to their provocation, in their minds they
 If you *don't* react, they'll find some way to try
 to spin
 *that* into a "win," too, but at least you
 won't be all
 covered with slime from interacting with them.
 Just my opinion...    

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