A number of years ago, I read a short rap by one of my favorite authors,
Ursula K. Le Guin. In it, she brilliantly pinpointed something about the
"sexual revolution" that I had never seen pinpointed before, and have
rarely since -- its brevity.

She defined the "sexual revolution" as that short period of history that
existed between the invention of penicillin and the birth control pill,
and the entrance of AIDS.

That was it, according to her. At *every other time in human history*,
having sex was a potentially fatal experience. Women could easily die in
childbirth, and before penicillin diseases like syphilis were largely
untreatable, and sometimes fatal.

We now live in the post-sexual-revolution era. At this point, sex has
become a potentially fatal experience again, or at the very least, an
experience that could lead to some non-fatal but pretty devastating

That's why I see this guy, and his app, kinda as heroes in the ongoing
sexual revolution. He took a problem and solved it, fairly gracefully.


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