What a fucking idiot you are. 

 When my teacher came to my house he talked around and had kind and sage advice 
for my daughter, She like him very much. He then 

 wanted to look around so I gave him the tour. When he got 

 to my sadhana room and looked at the large altar (set down
 low - Hindu style) and he saw the traditionally carved Shiva Lingam 

 surrounded by small rudraksha-a and covered with flower blossoms.
 Surmounting it were large hand-painted Thankas of various Vajrayana Yidam and 
Dharma protectors ... like Ekajâti and Rahula. 


 He pointed at the Lingam and said "Oh - Original Tantra!" That was 2005. He 
asked questions about it and about what practice I did. I told him I didn't do 
a daily abhisheka but rather did it "as desired ... kamya"
 ever since my wife died. I queried him further and he confirmed ... 

 "Yeah - not Buddhist but still good Tantra." He even considers Sankhya to be 
very close in its conclusions and metaphysics to Dzogchen. 


 All this just show how shallow your ideas are ... fool.

 What else to expect from a mere book reading Troll. 

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 > I do the Pâñcharâtra Mahâ-Rudrâbhishekam.
 So, you're performing a daily Hindu sacrifice to the Rudra lingham, at the 
same time you're trying to practice under a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche? Where is 
Vaj when we need him?
 > Why don't you read something useful. Laksmi Tantra translated by Sanjukta 
 > Gupta. 
 And, why would I want to read a book to learn about the Laksmi Tantra? I'm not 
even interested in Hindu Tantrism - my interest is Tibetan Tantra. Can you 
speak any Tibetan?
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   Here Here. There There. 
 Finally an accurate summary of the pompous Troll. 
 Hey Troll! Me too ...
 I do the Pâñcharâtra Mahâ-Rudrâbhishekam.
 It's Tantric ... asshole.
 It's such bullshit what you say ... Lakshmi this - Lakshmi that.
 Why don't you read something useful. Laksmi Tantra translated by Sanjukta 
 Then pray yer stinking ass off that you can meet someone 
 that can show you something useful. Tantric usefull - idiot.
 You don't do anything except read stuff and make grand claims.

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 You were not even a teacher of TM, I was. You were never a tantric.  I am.  


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