We really need to cut emptybill some slack about this, Ann. He said his wife passed away - may she rest in peace.

So, maybe that's a real tragedy, but why is he taking it out on me? I'm just trying to share information to make this group more interesting to read, unlike some others who seem to just want to wreck it. Go figure.

Now he's taking care of his daughter, so I guess we can assume that he practiced tantric yoga at least once in his life.

I've spent forty years investigating the tantric tradition and it's relation to TM practice and studied with three tantric teachers. It's just a shame that we can't get more substantive information about tantra out of him, instead of all the grief he has directed at me and Vaj, seeing as how we're all three Buddhists.

But, he doesn't sound much like a Buddhist and his teacher seems to have mixed up the dualism of the Sankhya with the non-dualism of the Vajrayana, so I can't really figure him or his teacher out. Apparently his teacher thinks making puja to Shiva is the 'original' tantra, but everyone knows that Shiva worship came after the historical Buddha and the rise of the devotional sects in India, at the beginning of the Gupta period. Go figure.

Did I tell you I attended the Kalachakra initiation with the Tibetan Dalai Lama at Los Angeles in July, 1989?

As in all Vajryana practices, the Kalachakra initiation empowers the disciple to practice tantra in the service of attaining enlightenment, not for the mere acquisition of material goods or fortune from Laksmi, but to attune the mind for the acceptance of voidness. So, far from being 'empty, our Bill seems to be pretty full of himself,but maybe he's just lashing out from prolonged grief - I don't know.

On 11/1/2013 8:56 AM, awoelfleba...@yahoo.com wrote:

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You made my day, Ann! Now if we can just get emptybill to improve his disposition. LoL!

Perhaps someone should get a grip on his Shiva implement...that's usually good for a momentary burst of bliss.

    On 11/1/2013 8:45 AM, awoelflebater@... <mailto:awoelflebater@...>

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More meat on the bone? Get a grip, Anne, he said he was already doing puja to a 'Shiva Lingam'. Whatever; it doesn't seem to be improving his disposition very much. Go figure.

First of all my name is ANN. Secondly, I like your wordplay on the whole lingam/bone(er) thing. The addition of the term "get a grip" finishes off the double entendre nicely.

    On 10/31/2013 10:48 PM, awoelflebater@...
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What a fucking idiot you are.

When my teacher came to my house he talked around and had kind and sage advice for my daughter, She like him very much. He then

wanted to look around so I gave him the tour. When he got

to my sadhana room and looked at the large altar (set down

low - Hindu style) and he saw the traditionally carved Shiva Lingam

surrounded by small rudraksha-a and covered with flower blossoms.

Surmounting it were large hand-painted Thankas of various Vajrayana Yidam and Dharma protectors ... like Ekajâti and Rahula.

He pointed at the Lingam and said "Oh - Original Tantra!" That was 2005. He asked questions about it and about what practice I did. I told him I didn't do a daily abhisheka but rather did it "as desired ... kamya"

ever since my wife died. I queried him further and he confirmed ...

"Yeah - not Buddhist but still good Tantra." He even considers Sankhya to be very close in its conclusions and metaphysics to Dzogchen.

All this just show how shallow your ideas are ... fool.

What else to expect from a mere book reading Troll.

"ideas" might be the operative word here. I don't have the time or the disposition for living and practicing ideas. I am far too busy living life. Try it, you might find it has lots more meat on the bone.

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        > I do the Pâñcharâtra Mahâ-Rudrâbhishekam.

    So, you're performing a daily Hindu sacrifice to the Rudra
    lingham, at the same time you're trying to practice under a
    Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche? Where is Vaj when we need him?


> Why don't you read something useful. Laksmi Tantra translated
    by Sanjukta Gupta.

        And, why would I want to read a book to learn about the
        Laksmi Tantra? I'm not even interested in Hindu Tantrism -
        my interest is Tibetan Tantra. Can you speak any Tibetan?


        On 10/30/2013 8:15 PM, emptybill@... <mailto:emptybill@...>

Here Here. There There.
Finally an accurate summary of the pompous Troll.

Hey Troll! Me too ...
I do the Pâñcharâtra Mahâ-Rudrâbhishekam.
It's Tantric ... asshole.

It's such bullshit what you say ... Lakshmi this - Lakshmi that.
Why don't you read something useful. Laksmi Tantra translated by Sanjukta Gupta.

Then pray yer stinking ass off that you can meet someone
that can show you something useful. Tantric usefull - idiot.

You don't do anything except read stuff and make grand claims.

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You were not even a teacher of TM, I was. You were never a tantric. I am. KMA.

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