Doc, I had a similar thought about turq. So, the question for me is: what makes 
a person an evangelist, even of not being an evangelist? I'd say how attached 
to or averted by or gripped by the thought or believe or POV or emotion or 
state one is. I actually think it's hard to see not only in ourselves, but also 
in others.

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Hey non-evangelist, evangelist, Have you ever actually *read* one of your own 
posts? You push you beliefs around here, like a steamroller. The pot calling 
the kettle black.


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>> At least they believe in something..... 
>And that's a Good Thing?

I think everyone believes *something*. I certainly have beliefs,
and I suspect everyone else on this forum does, too. 

One of my beliefs is that it may be crossing a line of spiritual
and social etiquette in the opposite direction of Good Thing
when what you believe becomes so important to you that
you feel the need to evangelize it. 

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