Well, Bhairitu, it's always a good day when I learn something new and in this 
case it's 2 new bits of info. Have not heard of either of these kinds of 
diabetes and admit am horrified by the Type 3. I still think, and am hoping I'm 
right, that diet can go far in controlling it. 


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 My mother's twin sister was an RN and worked for several doctors.  She told me 
once that she thought my mother was a "brittle diabetic." I thought it was a 
term she made up and then looked it up.  That diagnosis fits me too.  Brittle 
diabetes never go full blown type one but have similar symptoms throughout life.
 There is also the relatively recently discovered type three diabetes which is 
seen to be prevalent in folks who sit on their butts and use computers a lot.  
The research on that suggests that the pancreas is not the only organ which 
secretes insulin but our brain as well.
 On 11/03/2013 08:33 AM, Share Long wrote:
   My Mom's doc is sending her to a nutritionist because her blood sugar is so 
high even though she injects insulin every day. She went from being normal to 
borderline to Type 2 and now, daily injections. A big problem is that she 
doesn't like traditional breakfast food. And I think she doesn't quite get that 
carbs contribute to high blood sugar. Anyway, I've got high hopes about this 
consult on Tuesday. 
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 Isn't that why they call it "break fast"?
 People who have experienced hypoglycemia get very paranoid about missing 
meals.   In the 1970s among TM'er hypoglycemia was rampant mainly due to eating 
bad vegetarian diets.  Many went back to eating meat and felt better.  Maybe 
some truth in MMY's "eat what your mother puts before you?"  We are essentially 
what our ancestors ate.
 If one is paranoid about hypoglycemia the tendency is to overeat rather than 
do the anal and inconvenient small meals throughout the day.
 On 11/03/2013 03:49 AM, Michael Jackson wrote:
   what in the world are you all talking about? Who doesn't go for four or five 
hours without food or water?? People including me do that all the time. 
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 Date: Sunday, November 3, 2013, 4:17 AM
 did you experience after four hours without food or water?
  Were you also meditating during the fast?
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 I did it, once, for *four*
 solid hours. Two years ago, around Columbus Day. 
 Nothing - not even a peanut,
 or half cup of tap water - zip. You probably don't
 believe me, but its true. I think my years of TM helped, a
 lot. I must have been in a trance or something, to withstand
 it. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Almost like
 Richard Harris, in that scene, from, "A Man Called
 Even so, I am working with a
 teacher, now, who says I can achieve *five hours*, of
 non-food, non-water - no problem. He's expensive, but
 worth it. I think he's Indian. Total cost is ~$1,000
 (not including the non-food and non-water, of course). 
 This is a tough crowd, here on
 FFL, so I'll say up front: This guy is no cult leader.
 After all, I've been around the block. Don't
 knock it, 'til you've tried it.
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 Michelle Pfeiffer,
 the actress, has disclosed that she was once part of a
 “cult” which believed humans can exist without food or

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