An Indian friend who ran an little grocery store had a boy working for her who was from the Punjab. She told me she could barely understand him because of his accent. Indian accents very from region to region. And it also depends on education too. One thing that Maharishi had going for him was that his English was understandable for westerners. Going to ACVA events there were always a wide range of speakers and some folks had difficulty with some of the Indian accents.

If you learn some Hindi then you'll understand the origins of Indian accents. I also have heard that there is northern and southern Sanskrit pronunciations. This I found out when I noticed that a friend who had studied Sanskrit elsewhere pronounced words differently than how I learned to pronounce them (from the American Sanskrit Institute materials).

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It's actually cool to have an Indian accent, especially if you're a guru of some kind. Also, if one comes to the USA after 16 years old or so, it's difficult to adopt the American accent even if you tried.

One's native tongue is hard to erase. I believe MMY stated that it's better to speak your native tongue for physiological and psychological reasons.

Here's Russell Peters on the subject of accents:

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Re "I tried to help my tantra teacher take some accent-reduction courses. Online there were some videos and they were able to boil down to a few points the way for someone from India to sound American.":

Why so? Isn't hearing your own tongue spoken with a foreign accent rather appealing? In fact, it's often regarded as rather sexy to hear English spoken with a Continental accent! Could be a selling point for a tantric teacher . . .

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Seems that British actors are very good at doing various American accents. Although in the commentary of the movie "The Ward" Jared Harris (Richard Harris's son) says there are some British accents that he finds difficult to do. It seems there is a better drama tradition in the UK whereas the US has cut many of their programs from schools.

Doing accents shouldn't be that difficult. There are experts in training actors to learn them in short work. I tried to help my tantra teacher take some accent reduction courses. Online there were some videos and they were able to boil down to a few points the way for someone from India to sound American.

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Interesting video link. The funny thing is, I've always found the Southern "drawl" one of the most appealing of American accents.

I used to work for the BBC and I can tell you that whenever BBC Radio broadcast a play which featured an American character, listeners would always write in to complain about the producer using an English actor or actress and expecting him or her to fake an American accent that sounded obviously phony. Why, O why, they said, doesn't the BBC employ an American actor for the part.

And every time that complaint was made the producer was always able to reply that actually the actor used *was* an American!

The funny thing is, I'm with the listeners who complained! The accents always sound false. I don't know if they pick Yank actors who have some of the rarer regional variants or the signal compression used by technicians does something weird to the sound. (I wouldn't know what "signal compression" means of course.)

On a related note, whenever I've seen Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow do an English accent in a movie role they have been pitch perfect. I suppose imitating an accent is just bread-and-butter routine for an actor but I am in awe at how effortlessly those two pull it off.

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According to this video, southerners are speaking with a "slowed down" British accent:

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you have never been to the South if you think the Brits speak like we do.
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I saw her in "Gone With the Wind".
 She was excellent in the movie, but I did not realize
up till now that she was born in England.  I suppose
speaking like an American Southerner is very similar to the
British accent.
However, this got me wondering, why aren't
there any Brits in England who speak like a

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