India has regional dialects of Hindi not to mention other languages such as Urdu, Malayalam and Tamil. So you can get differences in pronunciation that way. Transliteration is another issue. One thing about the sheets we got on TTC with the puja was that they had taken pains to use transliterations that made it easy for Americans.

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Re "Bevan and other TMO suits tend to pronounce it "Ma-HAR-shi.":

That makes sense as Ramana Maharshi was (presumably) pronounced likewise but the Sanskrit "Maharishi" title given to Ramana and Mahesh would have been the same.

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Bevan and other TMO suits tend to pronounce it "Ma-HAR-shi." It seems to be the first "i" that got short shrift, not the "a."

I don't remember who started spelling it "Marshy" here, but it was intended, as I recall, to show disrespect.

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