And just when we thought things couldn't get any weirder on FFL. :-D

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Synchronicity: Coincidences <> that seem to be meaningfully <> related <>; supposedly the result of "universal <> forces <>".

Robert: from Old High German <> /Hruodberht/ "bright with glory" (a compound of /hruod <>/ "fame, glory" and /berht <>/ "bright").

Svaboda: from Sanskrit/Prakrit Svabodha "to know one's own"

Vimala-ananda: "Immaculate Joy"

Tantra: "the warp & woof of a weaving web"

Tantra Vidya: "knowledge of the goddess powers (devi shakti) driving and ruling the cosmos"

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What do you mean about Robbie Svoboda's guru?

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Not Vimalananda there!

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I don't think we ever discussed it.

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noozguru, I'm curious is your tantric teacher ever talked about synchronicity and such. What would he say about this kind of happening?

On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 1:16 PM, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> <mailto:noozguru@...> wrote: What empty is afraid of is NOT socialism nor communism nor neo-liberalism (what is really happening) but authoritarianism. It can exist in any political system. To see it growing in the US is appalling but you see how fast some people including some FFL'ers give it a pass.

Funny thing: I actually listen to Alex Jones because his show is a hoot and some of the best radio around. I don't think empty ever listens to him, he just likes the pictures. Just as I was typing the work "authoritarianism", Jones said the word. How 'bout that for synchronicity?

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> How the Government Spied on Me
> My complaint to the FBI about a stalker was regarded as an
> invitation to invade my privacy.
> <>

All these pinko commie wusses complaining that their
"rights" were violated. They should just consider
themselves fortunate that they didn't do a rolling
stop at a stop sign in New Mexico:

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