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 Re "This thread is an example of what? Spiritual decorum?":   

 Spiritual decorum! Well I admit to feeling squeamish about certain bodily 
functions myself - you'd never persuade me to try ayurvedic enema therapy. 
Although we all know that the story has gone viral because of its 
sensationalistic aspects, the fact that agents of the law can subject a 
free-born citizen to such an outrage is a symptom of a spiritual malaise in the 
body politic. 

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  This tread is an example of what? Spiritual decorum? Could folks here please 
read the home page description for Fairfield Life. Could someone please relate 
this thread to our more particular spiritual concerns on this list here or 
remove it or remove themselves for straying so far from topic. Content and 
context. It clearly is time to bring back the FFL post limit to the community 
here. I vote for 30 posts max per week. If our dear dear FFL moderator will run 
the post-count script I would be glad to remove people from posting who can't 
control themselves.
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