Ahem, Judy, that's a rather provocative statement to make.  I don't believe 
anyone, politician or not, wants their families and neighbors to die and be 
happy about it.  I believe the Philippines is a victim of fate and 
circumstance.  The good politicians over there are busy in trying to clean the 
country from graft and corruption.  On the other hand, the crooked ones are 
busy making money from the rest of the people.

 So, when a disaster like this happens, the politicians as a whole are at a 
loss on what to do.  The government doesn't have enough money to recover from 
this type of disaster.  In the end, the government ends up waiting for 
international help and assistance to recover.

 Since most of the people there are Catholics, they will find a way to trust in 
Divine Providence to lead the way.

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 Right, Bhairitu, they're happy to see their people die.
Bhairitu wrote:
 > What they really need to do is figure 
 out cheap ways to help their people survive such storms.  But their 
 > mucky-mucks probably see these disasters as "cullings."



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