Richard, the original post was a link to an image with no notation as to what 
it is. I did a Google image search using a technique that I'd wager a lot of 
people don't know about: dragging an image into a browser window open to Google 
images. Google then grabs the image and tells you where else the image can be 
found online. 

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 Thanks for looking this up, Alex - apparently it's too much trouble to look up 
'hole from hell' on Google. But, shouldn't this thread have been posted over on 
the Yoga thread, where emptybill told us that 'dukkha' means an axel-hole? Go 
 On 11/12/2013 2:19 PM, wrote:
   Google image search says it's this place: 
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  Is this a fake photo creation or is it real?  If real, where is this hole 
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 Speaking of synchronicity, I just received this from a non FFL buddy!

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