Hi - by her unsophisticated culture - I meant the male-dominated culture where 
women are supposed to be deferential to men, women are treated lesser than men, 
where women are supposed to sacrifice themselves. Amma's behavior towards Gail 
after she had the hysterectomy was so brutal - extremely cold and callous. Even 
pigs in factory farms in America may be treated better - I'm exaggerating but 
you will understand my point.

 Anyway yeah I agree Amma is very manipulative - so she is psychologically 
sophisticated in that sense. Yet if not for the power she held over Gail, Gail 
would have detected it long time back.

 In fact I could easily empathize with Gail, because I was also subjected to 
emotional, verbal abuse by my ex (mercifully no physical abuse) who held power 
over me because I absolutely loved her and was totally vulnerable to her.

 Anyway it was very distressing to read the book - I was numb for a few days, 
absolutely shocking.


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 I agree with what you've said except:  "Amma is absolutely fascinated by the 
adulation, power very clearly emotionally, psychologically immature, a product 
of her illiterate, unsophisticated culture and values." 

 While I agree that adulation and power are primary with her at this point and 
she is clearly abusive, I think she is also quite intelligent and exhibits a 
certain personality profile which has nothing necessarily to do her being a 
product of her upbringing and literacy.  I wouldn't call her culture or values 
"unsophisticated" necessarily either.  Interestingly, as a woman in the 
beginning, she was bucking the norm of male gurus. Reading the storyline of how 
the organization grew from the beginning to where it was at Gail's exit was 
also quite interesting.   

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 Indeed - shocking forward by Rick. This is nothing but a vile attack website 
by Amma org.

Gail Tredwell is absolutely sincere and convincing, she shows an amazing lack 
of any bitterness or anger. The reader of this book will be no doubt influenced 
by Gail's objectivity. The fact that Gail has taken 14 years to publish this 
book is clearly reflected - she has spent lot of time healing, processing her 
emotional, psychological wounds.

My innocence is lost - the last I expected was sexual abuse, rape and Amma 
having sex with the swamis. Of course the most vivid portrayal of Amma in this 
book was as a serial verbal, physical, emotional and psychological abuser. Amma 
is absolutely fascinated by the adulation, power very clearly emotionally, 
psychologically immature, a product of her illiterate, unsophisticated culture 
and values.

A must read for anyone who has any interest in Amma.


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 The Amma org put this website together and included these stories to discredit 
Gail - they are in massive attack mode on as many fronts as possible.  Rick, 
come on now.  Have you read the book?  If so, come on out and state what you 

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 Thanks, Rick.
 On Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:19 PM, Rick Archer <rick@...> wrote:
   Pages to read: http://ammascandal.wordpress.com/category/amma-lies/ 
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 I've been to Amma's gatherings a few times and liked getting hugged, liked the 
bhajans and the feeling of being at a market in India. I also liked that it was 
sooooooooo different than TM gatherings which are drier and more knowledge 
based. Also it was interesting to see the Western devotees garbed in Indian 
clothing and living a more obviously ashram lifestyle. A former boyfriend left 
Purusha and ended up buying a condo at Amma's ashram in India and I got some 
insights from him about that particular path. Bottom line, we live in 
interesting times but maybe everybody in every era thinks that!

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 I only spent 3 days and just one time (although it was enough for me to spend 
hours on the internet to reconcile my reality and that of my children's with 
the experience and the experience of the family I went with and to feel 
compelled to write up my story for a post in the process).  I think Rick or 
Ravi or maybe Share? could take you up on this, but I don't want to start any 
drama.  It is a good story and it represents 20 years of her life and I respect 
it and her fully.  


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 Hmmm, I would be interested to compare the experience of those who had been 
around Amma with what the author is going to reveal in her book. I would also 
like to know if what the author says resonates in any way or form with what 
someone who approaches Amma openly and sincerely would have to say about their 
experience with/of her. Everyone is different and their filtering/perception 
mechanism is different from those possessed by others. I would love to know how 
I would feel in her presence, receiving her touch and then compare it with Gail 
Tredwell's story and why and how she decided she wanted to move away from Amma. 
Anyone want to read the book and let me know about this, especially if you have 
spent time with her?

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 She wrote it largely to facilitate her healing process and it isn't a 
comprehensive look at the Amma organization, but it blows the lid off of Amma 
as the "hugging saint" or "saint" in any respect, in ways that would create the 
need for one to engage in some serious mind-bending denial to continue to see 
her (particularly as a hanger-on).  Well, I guess I just gave it a review of 
sorts, but pay no attention.  I like stories of people and their lives.  Smile. 

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 Emily, I have just purchased the book and it looks like a good read. I know 
really nothing about Amma other than what I have read about her here at FFL. 
Having emerged from a cult experience myself I will be looking forward to 
seeing what the author has to say. 

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 Emily, did you find that reading this book shed some light on the experiences 
you and your daughters had when you went to see Amma in person?
 On Tuesday, November 12, 2013 1:39 AM, "emilymaenot@... 
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 I would suggest this book by Gayatri (Gail) to any Amma devotees or followers 
or those that attend just for hugs.  It's easily read in two days and is 
written sincerely and truthfully and fairly.      








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