In reclaiming Transcendentalism now, for a moment do feel in to the -ist and 
-ism etymology with Joss Whedon,

---In, <Buck> wrote:

 # Transcendental-ism. Changing the public discourse. I am in favor of 
Transcendentalism. Yes, I am a transcendentalist with a capitol T. -ist. But 
something has happened to the term, Transcendentalist because of, Utopian. We 
got to change that. Let's with science make it more real. And make it more real 
by having more people meditate. A lot more people. Make it over. People should 
be proud to be Transcendentalists once again. But it has become a line behind 
which those other nuts lived. Thoreau, Emerson, Blake, those German 
Transcendentalists who preceded so much of American spiritual and religious 
history, others like Whitman and Boroughs; some of them were proly fairies too, 
Fair-ists. We got to do something now to reclaim the pride of 
 -Buck in the Dome    

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