Oh, great, now the pro-Amma folks are coming here to carry on their fight. Just 
what we needed. 

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 I don't think people should encourage indifferent. He is quite abusive. I am 
surprised threats are allowed here. 

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 Our Mr. 'Empty Bill' is way too fragile for any kind of in-depth conversation 
on cults. He tried this very same tactic on me - claiming I was a troll when I 
posted comments about his cult. Apparently some of these people have been in 
and out of cults for the better part of their entire adult life. Where is Dr. 
Pete when we need him?
 'Authfriend' and 'Empty' are constantly calling people trolls. Empty on 
several occasions claimed what I was posting about his cult was "bullshit" - go 
figure.  These two are famous all over the internet for being newsgroup 
bullies. It's about time someone took them down a peg or two and told them the 
truth about their online flame tactics. Go figure.
 And, while you're at it, tell the 'TurquoiseB' and the 'Wolf Baiter' that we 
are are supposed to be equals here and where you live or where you were born is 
just being prejudice. Maybe they are just JELLOS - I don't know. One thing is 
fer sure - they are VERY interested in the comings and goings of some cult 
leaders. LoL!
 On 11/16/2013 8:28 PM, indifferent_netizen wrote:
   You are too emotionally fragile Mr. Bill, don't want to make you more 
miserable. I don't get much joy beating wimps.
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 That's it? I gave you an invitation to show us how important and powerful you 
are. I am giving you a chance to demonstrate something other than 
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 I didn't realize you cry so easily Mr. Bill, how old are you now?

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