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Funny quote.

However, some cults are indeed far worse than other cults.

*From**Hitler’s Traitors**, by Susan Ottaway***

*(1) Adolf Hitler <> to Joachim von Ribbentrop <> (20th July, 1944)*

I will crush and destroy the criminals who have dared to oppose themselves to Providence and to me. These traitors to their own people deserve ignominious death, and this is what they shall have. This time the full price will be paid by all those who are involved, and by their families, and by all those who have helped them. This nest of vipers who have tried to sabotage the grandeur of my Germany will be exterminated once and for all.

*(2) Speech by Adolf Hitler <> on German radio (21st July, 1944)*

To create order, I have appointed Himmler Commander of the Reserve Army. I am convinced that with the disappearance of this very small clique of traitors and conspirators we are finally creating in the homeland the atmosphere which the fighters at the front need.

It is unthinkable that at the front, hundreds of thousands, no millions, of good men should be giving their all while a small gang of ambitious and miserable creatures here at home tries perpetually to sabotage them. This time we are going to settle accounts with them in the way we National Socialists are used to doing.

*(3) An eye-witness to the executions of some of the conspirators at Ploetzwnsee Prison on 8th August, 1944 later described what he saw.*

Imagine a room with a low ceiling and whitewashed walls. Below the ceiling a rail was fixed. From it hung six big hooks, like those butchers use to hang their meat. In one corner stood a movie camera. Reflectors cast a dazzling, blinding light. At the wall there was a small table with a bottle of cognac and glasses for the witnesses of the execution. The hangman wore a permanent leer, and made jokes unceasingly. The camera worked uninterruptedly, for Hitler wanted to see and hear how his enemies died. He had the executioner come to him, and had personally arranged the details of the procedure. "I want them to be hanged, hung up like carcasses of meat." Those were his words.

*(4) Samuel W. Mitcham, /Hitler's Field Marshals/ (1988) *

Field Marshal Witzleben freely admitted his part in the assassination attempt. He and the others were found guilty the next day and sentenced to hang that afternoon. Hitler had ordered that they be hung like cattle. "I want to see them hanging like carcasses in a slaughterhouse!" he commanded. The entire event was filmed by the Reich Film Corporation. Witzleben was first. Despite his poor showing at the trial, Witzleben met his death with courage and with as much dignity as was possible under the circumstances. A thin wire noose was placed around his neck, and the other end was secured to a meat hook. The executioner and his assistant then picked up the sixty-four-year-old soldier and dropped him so that his entire weight fell on his neck. They then pulled off his trousers so that he hung naked and twisted in agony as he slowly strangled. It took him almost five minutes to die, but he never once cried out. The other seven condemned men were executed in the same manner within an hour. They were followed over the next eight months by hundreds of others.

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Since the place seems to have been flooded by another round of "My cult was worse than your cult" ego-posturing, it seems appropriate to repost a quote by another cult leader/spiritual teacher who was prescient in his writing of it, foreshadowing how he himself came to be regarded by many of his formerly adoring acolytes:

"Pedestals were invented by a very wise
   man who perceived the need in human
   consciousness to cast people down.
   This wise man realized that it would be
   impossible to cast people down unless
   you had put them up on something first.
   So he invented the pedestal, which is
   now employed on a regular basis. You
   put people on it so you can cast them
   down later. Indeed, he was a wise man."

This quote really nails it, in my opinion. The angrier the former cultists are at the person they had formerly placed up on a pedestal, the angrier they are at *themselves* for being so stupid as to put them up there in the first place. They're still smarting from shoving that big pedestal up their *own* asses and walking around with it up there for so long.

Haven't read Gail Treadwell's book, and doubt that I will, because I have zero interest in Amma, and even less in her followers. The whole "holy hug" thing has always creeped me out. But I hope that reports of Gail's equanimity in the book are true, and that she managed to avoid the "try to put all the blame on the teacher for my *own* stupidity" trap that renders so many of these "cult exposes" unreadable. If she pulled it off, more power to her, because I had to walk that fine line myself, writing a book about a former cult leader, and trying (a la the FFL Home Page) to "take what you can and leave the rest."

The problem is NOT the cult leaders. The problem is the cultists who create them.

It really doesn't matter who the cult leader in question was -- someone as famous as Maharishi or Amma, or a total nobody such as Robin Carlsen. They may *have* been as evil as their former groupies/current detractors say they are, but it's the *groupies themselves* that are the problem IMO. If they hadn't been so intent on finding someone to idolize, place up on a pedestal of their own making, and tell them how to lead their lives, they wouldn't have been so pissed off when the pedestal came tumbling down on them.

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