Well, maybe not quite yet.

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   Oh, my, isn't she just the budding saint, though?

 (Actually, the little game Share and Barry are playing is called "The enemy of 
my enemy is my friend." Goodness knows they both need 'em.) 

 Share burbled:

 > Ann, as best as I can, I go by how a person is towards me here and now. We 
 > all 
 > say mean things sometimes, maybe even a lot. But why not appreciate when I 
 > enjoy what someone says today, no matter what they've said in the past? I 
 > admit 
 > there are a few people here that I hope like me. But even for them, if 
 > they're 
 > mean, I'll either ignore or retort. But I think it's really really important 
 > to 
 > appreciate people when they show the good side of themselves. 

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   It's fine Share. You live your life the way you do and I live mine the way I 
feel is best for me. It is just that sometimes your choice of who you choose to 
cozy up with is creepy and since Barry has stated in no uncertain terms that he 
finds you insipid and stupid I simply find it astounding that you continue to 
choose to curry favour with him. It's as simple as that. He clearly finds you 
not worth knowing and yet you continue to greet him like some unsuspecting 
puppy dog.  

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 Ann, just because I experience and express appreciation more than Judy does, 
that doesn't make it fawning, except from her prejudiced and or limited 

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   Because it's all relative, what Judy calls pandering is what other people 
would call being civil. She'd probably accuse Mona Lisa of pandering to Da 

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 > turq, between this and Carde's Wagner, I'm gonna have a great program
 in the Dome (-:
 > BTW, recently saw the zombie episode of Castle, Undead Again. Nice
 Caskett moment in that episode too. Am now into Season 5, the happy
 season imho. Glad the writers let Beckett be mostly happy and
 affectionate and still zapping Castle as needed with the dour putdowns.
 Their chemistry is better than ever, as is the writing.
 If you like snappy dialog, you really should see Joss Whedon's "Much Ado
 About Nothing." Some of the wittiest and most barbed interplay between
 the sexes since Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd in "Moonlighting," and
 written almost 400 years earlier. :-)
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 > >
 > > Oh God, turq, this has got to be one of the funniest pieces you've
 ever written. Well, since I've been here anyway. Those last bits about
 this or that topic probably not harboring anything too
 weird...hilarious. And even though the reader knows what's gonna happen,
 it's still funny anyway. Thanks too for that post about the Minions.
 Sweet to think how just about anything can light up the connection
 between people in a cafe. Oh yeah, the pedestal piece...thought
 provoking. You're definitely on a roll. Interesting how the full moon
 brings out different stuff in different posters ha ha. Ah
 > > )That's supposed to be a wolf howling(-:
 > Back in the days (my TM days, interestingly enough) when I actually
 *did* suffer from sleep inertia and had trouble waking up in the
 mornings, I always used
 > this song to do it. Worked every time, leaving me dancing around the
 room with a big smile on my face.
 > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhSc8qVMjKM












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