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Share, are you "horrified" by your post numbers yet this week? Why were you "horrified"? What was your mind telling you? What reasons did you use to rationalize it to yourself? Was there an emotion behind the word choice of "horrified"? If so, what did you do with the emotion? Is this post to Richard funny to you in the context you wrote it, or does it seem on second glance to exhibit behavior that indicates you might be out of touch and out of control on a certain level? I'm sincerely curious, which is why I ask.

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Ok, but please don't divorce Rita because of this!

On Sunday, November 17, 2013 3:46 PM, Richard J. Williams <punditster@...> wrote: If you are married, you may pay a higher tax or get less assistance in order to afford medical insurance.

'Penalty for Marriage in Obamacare' <>

    On 11/17/2013 3:20 PM, Share Long wrote:

Ok, Richard, I'll bite:  what is the marriage penalty?

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The rentistoo damn high!

Now we're going to have to pay higher taxes in order to get heath insurance. You can't keep your plan or your doctor and you can't sign up at the exchange. And now I'm finding out there's a marriage penalty.It's just outrageous!

The rentistoo damn high!

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    Not only has it already been passed long since, it's survived a
    Supreme Court challenge. The Republicans--a minority of the most
    conservative--aren't trying to keep it from passing, they're
    trying to get it repealed, defunded. It's just insane. That's why
    the government is shut down and why the debt limit increase is in
    jeopardy, threatening default. This small group of House members
    is holding the country hostage.

    Once Obamacare is fully in effect, unless things go badly wrong
    somehow, a lot of people will change their tune. Folks are
    bellyaching, generally speaking, because they're either
    misinformed (by the Republicans) or uninformed.

    Somebody took a poll the other day asking people if they approved
    of Obamacare; then asking them if they approved of the Affordable
    Care Act. A sizeable percentage approved of the latter but not
    the former. In fact, Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act. Just
    different ways of referring to the same exact thing.

    The new government Web site where people can find out about and
    apply for Obamacare has been mobbed the past few days. That's the
    good news. The bad news is that it wasn't prepared for such a
    huge onslaught and has been malfunctioning rather seriously. You
    just want to tear your hair out.

    Ann wrote:
    I gotta tell you I do not, for the life of me, understand why
    Americans are belly aching about a new health care set up in the
    US. Nothing could be any more expensive and out of reach for the
    average American than it is now. I think if the damn thing ever
    passes all this fear-mongering and whining will prove
    unjustified. Christ, I hear some people are even afraid the US
    will become a (gasp) socialistic society as a result. I've got
    news for you guys, you already are.

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