Buck wrote:
 And, non-meditators.. Ha, ha, ha.
 "They whose awareness is not open to this level of reality, what can these 
eternal expressions of knowledge accomplish for them? But the whose awareness 
is open to it -the field of pure consciousness, the home of all knowledge- are 
profoundly established in it."

I presume you realise Buck, that many in this world now, and in the past 
(Jesus, for example?) have experienced 'this level of reality'. Some of these 
never meditated a whit, and some used some other form of meditation. Most who 
meditate in the world now are not using TM, but holding that against them does 
not help further the goals you espouse. Seeing the world today, you need all 
the help you can get.

Most meditators of any kind are typically at a rather rudimentary level of 
understanding and have simply substituted a veneer of belief about their 
practice on top of, or replacing whatever it was they believed in prior to 
learning a practice. A few lucky ones gain a deeper understanding rather 
quickly but for most of us it has been a long slog, so the best shot at finding 
meditators with some 'depth' of experience are the ones who have consistently 
practised the longest. TM makes certain aspects of spiritual growth easy 
because the technique is easy to practice, but that does not mean the spiritual 
path as a whole is going to be a cakewalk.

And that quote above refers to the Vedas, but in the Bhagavad-Gita there is 
that comment about an enlightened being for whom the Vedas are like a well 
surrounded by water on all sides.

A spiritual path is a special kind of delusion, but a delusion nonetheless; if 
it works, you see through it, if it does not, you remain trapped in that system 
of belief rather than partaking of the experience it was meant to engender. 
There is a crossover here too, you can be developing experience, and at the 
same time be delusional in understanding. A sense of exclusivity in what you 
know and experience is a good indicator that what you are understanding and 
feeling and experiencing is delusional. 

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