It's the tower for the local TV stations. I guess they get better propagation on it compared to putting on a ridge just east of San Francisco where some stations locate their towers. People who live in the area wanted it torn down.

People on the other east side of the ridge don't get any of the San Francisco stations and if lucky maybe some of the Sacramento stations. They also might get the Spanish speaking station which is on Mount Diablo. Then many of us live in valleys where there is no broadcast reception at all. If I drive up to the top of the nearby hill where the shopping center is and set up my laptop with a USB TV tuner I get all the Sacramento stations.

Needless to say the 680 corridor (the freeway that runs down the valley to San Jose) is a goldmine for Comcast, AT&T, Dish Network and DirectTV. Another company, Astound, has been providing service too and is about to come into this town. AT&T has been driving me nuts calling and wanted to lock me into a contract before Astound comes down the street. I looked at the Comcast list of prices and noted where Astound is there prices are lower. :-D

After 9/11 New York City lost the stations for a while that were broadcasting from the top of one of the twin towers.

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It's one ugly son-of-a-gun. I can see how your aesthetic sense might have caused you to edit it out of your visual memories of SF.

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I'm interested in radio and electronics, and I've driven to the Bay Area (back in 1983), but I have no recollection of ever seeing that weird tower at the beginning of the video. A quick google image search on 'bay area towers' revealed that it's the Sutro Tower

I would think such a prominent structure would stick in my mind as an iconic image of SF, but the Golden Gate Bridge is the only thing recorded upstairs. It weirds me out that in 52 years, today is the first time I can recall ever seeing a picture of that tower.

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    Here is my latest - Around San Francisco Bay, and The City, set to
    electronic music. Gemini symbols and other numbers, buildings,
    sky,  water, and color.

    The song is original, "electric morning - Gemini".
    copyright Temple Dog. 2013


    PS I just read that *sixteen years* of video (100 hours, per
    minute) is uploaded to Youtube, every day.

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