Yeah, Judy, this is your kind of pandering. The MGC has its very own brand of 
pandering. Mostly with each other!

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<> wrote:
Oh, I'm delighted to acknowledge Ann's post. I thought it was absolutely 
hilarious and totally nailed you and Richard.

Ask your great pal Barry, he'll tell you how important it is to be able to 
laugh at yourself. According to him, it's only excessive ego that gets in the 
way. (And he should know--I haven't known him to be able to laugh at himself 

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> turq, you're wrong. Ann started it by writing a post ridiculing me under the 
> thread What I Did Today. She's 
> very good IMO at presenting herself nicely after she's been nasty. Neither 
> she nor Judy has the integrity to 
> acknowledge this other post.

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