Of course this is your opinion, Judy because you are not objective about me or 
Ann. I've never claimed sainthood. Your projection, your fantasies. 

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 1:21 PM, "authfri...@yahoo.com" 
<authfri...@yahoo.com> wrote:
Ann has never come anywhere near the vicious nastiness of your attack on her.

Face it, Share, you lost control. You let the mask slip, and we all saw the 
ugliness underneath. It's slipped before and given us glimpses, but now you 
have to live with the knowledge that this time we got a really good look, and 
the faux-sainthood is down the tubes, exposed as a lie.

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> Judy, imo Ann has made plenty of nasty comments to and about me over the past 
> year. 
> MGC members need a taste of their own medicine occasionally. It seems they 
> can dish it 
> out, of course as a gang, but they really can't take it.

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