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 Emily, imo, Ann viciously poisoned a fun exchange that I was having with 
Richard, a tactic used often by MGC, not only when I ignore you all, but imo 
precisely because I'm enjoying exchanges with other posters.

 Think again. "Poisoned"? Being a bit dramatic are we not? Or merely 
illustrating your dire lack of sense of humour? They don't call it a "sense" 
for nothing Share. It is a sort of gift to be able to laugh at things, and not 
in a mean way. You are a martyr Share and a melodramatic one at that. Give it 
up. No one has screwed your husband, beaten or killed your child nor have they 
caused you to lose your job. All I did was have fun and parody your little girl 
suck-up to Richard regarding the quinoa in Whole Foods. Get a grip.

  It's one of the most vicious things that you all do and I will continue to 
respond in kind. btw, turq once said something mean about Judy's looks.


 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 6:32 PM, "emilymaenot@..." <emilymaenot@...> 
   And look, you are still at it Share...reaching for anything to distract 
yourself from the fact that you wrote a mean and malicious post. I can't even 
think of anyone else who has stooped so low as to attack someone's personal 
visage, except you.  Face it Share. Your post was trying to hit below the belt 
and create hurt. Sad, but true.  No biggie, just the "bad" part of the "blend 
of good and bad" (and I paraphrase what you say there) that human beings are, 
right?  No reason to apologize.  

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 imo, RWC is the #1 big reason you all keep attacking me. Expecially you, Judy, 
the number 1 grudge holder maybe on the internet if what others say is true. 
Since that seems to be what's needed to be Queen Bee, I'm happy to let you keep 
that job. As for Emily, why exclude Obbajee and Susan? Except that my exchanges 
with them disproves what Emily initially said about me.

 From the beginning I've acknowledged that I have flaws. But Judy, when you 
don't like someone, it's as if you put on black glasses and see the person only 
through them. Worse, you either don't see that you've got the glasses on, or 
you won't admit that you do.


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 Unlike you, Emily has integrity. So when you claimed that you liked Obbajeeba 
and Susan, she took you at your word and amended what she said about you to 
exclude them. And after she'd done that to accommodate your claim, you accused 
her of saying Obbajeeba and Susan weren't "strong and beautiful" and demanded 
to know how she accounted for your claim not to be threatened by them--when 
she'd just got done accounting for it.

 It's all right here in black and white, Share, but you simply can't 
acknowledge the facts.

 One of the big reasons we keep going after you, Share, is because of your 
inability to be straightforward when there's any kind of conflict--one more 
unmistakeable sign that your saintly pose is just that, a pose, not the real 
Share. You twist and obfuscate and conceal and confound and create massive 
muddles to protect yourself from having to deal with reality.

 And the reality is, as Emily so aptly points out, that your posts are not 
"cute," you are not the Queen Bee of FFL that you'd like to see yourself as.




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 > I believe Obbajee posted recently and Susan about a month ago. But you both 
 > want to 
 > exclude them from Emily's assessment for an obvious reason.

 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 1:32 PM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> 
   No, Share, look for the parenthetical in what Emily wrote. (You know what a 
parenthetical is, right?) 

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 No, Judy, what's interesting and predictable is that Emily and now you, are 
ignoring the women who disprove what Emily's saying about me.

 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 1:18 PM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> 
   You appear to have overlooked the parenthetical, Share. Isn't that 

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 Emily, are you saying that Obbajee and Susan aren't strong and beautiful?! I'm 
not threatened by either of them. How do you account for that? 

 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 1:01 PM, "emilymaenot@..." <emilymaenot@...> 
   This might be the *nastiest* thing I've seen her write.  Share, I say this 
based on the face value of your words, ignoring the energy that accompanies 
them.  You are *not* cute, Share.  I wonder if you have the ability to 
apologize for this?  You are threatened by strong and beautiful women Share 
(the ones that are posting); you want to be a Queen Bee.  You simply aren't.  
Get over it.   











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