Oh, so am I. It was just fun to see it all together like that, one conspiracy 
theory after another. I thought they did a pretty good job of presenting them 
neutrally, although every once in a while you could spot just a wee bit of 
tongue tucked in cheek. 

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 Thanks.  Of course I am very familiar with a lot of this stuff.  I was 
suspicious of the JFK assassination from day one.  Things just didn't add up.   
BTW, the easier way to read the article is to go back to it's main page where 
one can select the different sections.
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   You might enjoy looking through this: New York magazine this week has a neat 
feature, a "Conspiracy Theory Compendium." It's not about debunking *or* 
promoting the theories of the last 50 years, just listing them and giving a bit 
of background. Some of the entries are long; others are only a paragraph or 
two. And there's an interview with Alex Jones at the end.
 The compendium starts here; at the bottom of each item is a link to the next 
one. This is a very long one:

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