This has got to be the most screwed up forum on Yahoo!

A guy gets his real name posted to the group, so he curses the first guy; then the guy gets booted for cursing; and then the moderator posts the real name and the private email of the cursing guy; and then the guy that got cursed posts the private email of the guy that cursed him, while the moderators are sleeping. Go figure.

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This is why you all should morn Ravi's dismissal from FFL and celebrate his unique style of blessing everyone with his personal attention.

Remember Bill - I don't associate with trailer trash like you. I have nothing but contempt, disgust and hostility for dishonest, unintelligent like you. You couldn't withstand the heat of my confrontation.

Don't flatter yourself - you and your family, your whole bigoted, unintelligent, insensitive trailer trash generations are beneath my status, my dignity, my intelligence, the sensitivity, beauty and awesomeness of my personal consciousness.

And don't be so desperate. Emily's a personal friend of mine and she knows me very well, and she's laughing behind your back - Don't embarrass and humiliate yourself.

Have some dignity, hope you find your conscience.

It is my compassion and kindness I have entertained a person like you for this long.

May the Universe have mercy on your pitiful, dishonest soul.

So what is this, a current private email Ravi just sent you?

    ---In, <j_alexander_stanley@...> wrote:

    This is in response to emptybill's accusations that I have
    harassed her wife.

    This is nothing but a vicious, malicious lie. I have stretched the
    limits to confront, shock and humiliate emptybill but to suggest I
    ever contacted his wife is hilarious. Emptybill had accidentally
    emailed me last year and we have had private conversations, I have
    all emails with me and they were all cordial and I even wished him
    luck after he talked about his marriage after a 10 year live-in
    relationship. I'm really shocked at emptybill's dishonesty and I
    have warned him and the moderators to disallow these kinds of
    malicious lies.


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