I feel real sorry for quitters who did not stick around long enough to really 
know better. -Buck in the Dome 

 Card, this is interesting. Maharishi employed this some more in some of the 
advanced technique. I find it really works and amp-ed up the progress of the 
embodiment of spirituality in the whole subtle energy system. -Buck 

 mind's long-time-staying-in the lotus of heart, etc, is dhaaraNaa


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 As most of us might well know, saMyama (saƱyama) "consists" of dhaaraNaa, 
dhyaanam and samaadhi(H).

 This seems to be Madhusuudana's definition(?) of dhaaraNaa

 hRt-puNDariikaadau (hRt-puNDariika+aadau) manasash-cira-kaala-sthaapanaM

 My attempt at translation:

 mind's long-time-staying-in the lotus of heart, etc, is dhaaraNaa.

 mind's (manasaH) long (cira)-time(kaala) -staying-in (sthaapanam)
  the lotus (puNDariika) of heart (hRt), etc (aadau), [is] dhaaraNaa.




 At the moment, his definitions of dhyaanam and samaadhiH seem too
 tricky for this sucker...

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