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> September 9, 2012, Richard, that's when Judy started her mission, whatever it 
> is. 

 Do not flatter yourself, Share. Judy's "mission," whatever it is, started with 
her second post to FFL, back on May 18, 2005. That's when she admitted to 
having stalked one of her old "enemies" from alt.meditation.transcendental to 
FFL, taking some quotes from one of his posts here, and reposting them back on 
a.m.t. to further her vendetta against him there. 

She then commenced the same vendetta here on FFL, one that has not let up in 
any way in the years since. Along the way she did exactly the same thing with 
other posters she didn't like -- Curtis, Vaj, Sally Sunshine, Ruth, and many 
others. You might not recognize some of the names, because they grew so tired 
of 1) her unceasing harassment and 2) the fact that she had lowered this forum 
to such a low level of constant bickering and argumentation that they found 
nothing worth sticking around for. 

That probably was the goal of her "mission" in the first place, to drive away 
anyone who didn't bow to her pose as "the authority" in all things, She Who 
Must Not Be Contradicted, And Who Must Be Obeyed In All Things.  :-)

You're small potatoes, Share. She only focuses on you these days because you're 
one of the *only* people left on the forum who haven't caught on to her act, 
and as a result just ignore her as the vindictive, know-nothing ego-beast she 

Her whole pursuit of you is *not* (as you'd like to believe) because you're 
"special." It's because you're SUCH A SUCKER. She knows that in you she's found 
someone with an ego as fragile and as sensitive as hers, and so whenever she or 
one of her minions attacks you or pokes fun at you, you'll feel that you "have 
to" reply. 


She *lives* for her enemies replying to her attacks and/or rebutting them. *No 
matter what happens and what is said*, she considers each and every one of the 
ensuing exchanges a "victory." She claims to have "won" all of them. So the 
game IS really all about getting suckers to respond. In this sense, she is 
*exactly* like Richard. *His* goal is to try to poke and prod at people until 
they respond to him; then he's "proved himself" as a Class A Troll, and -- 
again, in *his* mind -- has "won." Judy is *exactly* the same. 

The one thing that neither of them can cope with is someone figuring out this 
act and *not* responding. That drives them up the wall, and makes them feel as 
if they and what they say is of so little consequence that no one *needs* to 
pay attention to any of it, much less respond to it. In other words, it gives 
them a taste of reality. 

You *feed* her insanity by "standing up for yourself," Share. And in a very 
real sense, YOU'RE JUST LIKE HER. Whenever the attacks on you die down, YOU 
find a way to restart them, so that you can say stuff and get people to respond 
to you, too. 

And -- just like Judy -- you are oblivious to the fact that these ongoing 
bitch-fests have lowered the entire consciousness of FFL, and driven a lot of 
people away. They *didn't* leave because of Neo; they left because YOU AND JUDY 
lobbied to have the posting limits removed, so you could spam this forum with 
your pettiness as much as you wanted to. 

Removing Ravi a second time was IMO a good decision on Rick's part. His 
vindictive bipolarism have caused at least one person to leave this forum when 
he was readmitted; maybe that person will come back and participate now that 
he's gone, hopefully for good this time. But if Rick *really* wanted to "clean 
up the act" of Fairfield Life, what he could do is remove the two people who 
most contribute to dragging it down into the gutter of petty, endless, 
ego-bickering. A few weeks without either YOU *or* JUDY, and her minions would 
dry up and blow away, and perhaps the forum could return to discussing things 
of actual interest again. 

 Hey Barry, I thought you'd given up trying to 'reason' with Share. She won't 
listen, she can't and if she could she can't help herself. 

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