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 It doesn't bother you that people are being taken to task for not hopping high 
enough??? THe entire TM and TM Sidhi program was SUPPOSED to be practiced 
naturally with NO STRAIN? What happened to that? If indeed this is taking place 
inside and out of the Domes, the TMO is going against the fundamental basics of 
proper practice of the TM and TM Sidhi programes, and to paraphrase the Old 
Goat himself, if you aren't doing TM the way its taught, you aren't doing TM.
 If these monitor Nazis are introducing fear into people's awareness between 
programs ABOUT program itself then they are defeating the very Marsy Effect you 
are so fond of praising and worshiping. I have to agree with past statements 
made by Barry - the Movement is dead and it is continually being re-buried by 
practices like this.

 It would be interesting to infiltrate the Domes and all of the activities on 
campus as some unknown, undercover participant for about 6 months attending all 
the meetings, the news releases, everything to see what is actually the reality 
of the thing. Of course, I wouldn't have the ability, mentally, to do this as 
my boredom and tolerance quotient is not great but only then could you get a 
fair reading on what is going on in FF, the TM FF, at least. Until then, 
unfortunately, it is all sort of hearsay.
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 Overseers. Well yes, and what is the
 problem(?). It's about
 pay for performance. If you are being paid to meditate and
 then all the more certainly your employers should get some
 disciplined work (meditation) from you. It is called
 contract. This criteria calls for overseers for meditating
 is for the few
 folks who are still funded to be regularly attending the
 meditating and doing the long TM-sidhis yogic flying
 prescribed for
 on the Howard Settle grant program. Of the total number of
 people in
 the larger group meditation only a few remain now on the
 money grant.
 They got standards to keep up if they are getting money for
 Other meditators who were dropped from the grant program
 when it
 collapsed before for lack of money may well think these
 others are
 selling their souls to have to 'hop' just for money.
 Other people who before
 were there for having great and powerful meditation in the
 Domes may see
 it has become otherwise for some, a form of performance art
 money, as another corruption of money. People see it
 I think it is wonderful that people are generally a
 little more
 disciplined sitting up in meditation now and attending to
 technique and adding to the group meditation field effect. 
 It's a lot more awake in the Domes than some times ago
 when people would generally come in just laying down to
 sleep and
 miss the incredible opportunity of the field effect to
 meditate in
 the Domes. The lack of discipline was profound in those
 days.  What a drag that was.  It is
 a lot better now. 
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 I received some
 communication from someone I know who is in the Domes and
 this person told me some interesting things that I had not
 heard before.
 I have changed some of the wording to keep this person's
 identity confidential, but in essence she said that the TMO
 or I guess more accurately the powers that be at MUM, are
 paying 2 full time monitors to regulate activity in the
 Lady's Dome - to wit, they go about taking names of
 people who are sleeping during program. Subsequently these
 folks are called in for a talking to for lying down during
 any part of program except rest AND people are being taken
 to task for "not getting high enough off the
 Anyone else know of this and is it happening in the
 Men's Dome? 

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